directorial filmography :

The Tailor  |  in production
Bunny Man
Sibling - Revolve

production design:

Restraint |  by David Milchard
Convos With My 2 Year Old Season 8 |  by Matthew Clarke
Dear Departed  |  by Alexandra Caulfield
Story Unbridled  |  by Vincent Kuan Lin
Indochino Promo  |  Rain Production [NY]
+ More

VFX editorial:

A Series of Unfortunate Events  |  by Barry Sonnenfeld
Trial & Error  |  by Jeff Astrof, Matthew Miller
Suicide Squad  |  by David Ayer
Monster Truck |  by Chris Wedge

Athena / 韓睿芷 is a Taiwanese-Canadian writer-director based in Vancouver, British Columbia. Her film Home / 家 was screened at film festivals including Whistler Film Festival, Montreal World Film Festival, Golden Harvest Award for Outstanding Short Films / 金穗獎 and Los Angeles Asian Film Festival. The film has also received A&E Short Filmmaker Award for Best Film, Shaw Media Fearless Female Director Award and Brian Linehan Actors Award. Bunny Man / 人中之兔, her latest film, was selected for Vancouver Asian Film Festival’s Mighty Asian Moviemaking Marathon. It has won 1st Place for the 10-Minute Short and People’s Choice Award for Best Overall Short, and it is currently on film festival circuit. It was screened at film festivals such as Cinequest 2019 and 37th CAAMFest.

Athena also works in the film industry in the art department, and has experiences in post production as a VFX editor. 

CV available upon request.